Works for Us – Box of Memories


Moms all over keep memories in many different ways.

In 2010, we started our family journal on notecards. We organize the cards by dates and keep them in a recipe box on the kitchen counter. I love this way to keep memories because all our family members can write on the cards. It is fun to see the kids handwriting and spelling evolve over the years. It is also fun to see the daily celebrations and events like, “no accidents today” and “e stuck a pearler bead in his nose…to the ER we go”.

The organization is simple; we use large notecards and write the month on the upper left corner and the date on the right. I leave a pen in the box and each morning I move the current date to the front. You can also organize printed pictures behind the notecards. Sometimes, I tape movie tickets, fortunes or special small trickiest to the back of the notecards. I always try to stick to “simple” items that are meaningful.

At the end of the year the cards go into a photo box organized by year.

We think this is such a fabulous way to organize memories and you can do it too!